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Mouintain Haute Savoie


Hotel Blanc will help you discover it

Mountain Haute Savoie

Situated in the Albanais area, our hotel invites you to discover all its riches. First, be astounded by the beauty and diversity of its landscapes. Enjoy wonderful views over the Bauges, the Aravis and Mont-Blanc from the summit of Le Semnoz. Discover the majestic wild Chéran river, then discover the spectacular site of the Gorges du Fier. You’ll also enjoy the rich heritage of Albanais. Visit its secret gardens in Vaulx, the Châteaux of Clermont and Montrottier, plus the wonderful towns of Rumilly and Alby-sur-Chéran with its charming medieval city.


Mountain Haute Savoie

At the foothills of the Alps in the south of Haute-Savoie, Marigny-Saint-Marcel has all the charm of well-preserved lower mountain villages. Spread over 725 hectares, the village consists of numerous hamlets that make for numerous pleasant walks. As you walk through it, you’ll discover the historic monuments in the village; there’s the Saint-Benoît church, plus the Château de Saint-Marcel, whose gardens are open to the public during heritage events. In the hamlet of Vons, you’ll also be able to appreciate the old bread oven and the fortified house from the 12th century (with square tower, watchtower and spiral staircase).


Market in Haute Savoie

7 km from Marigny-Saint-Marcel, Rumilly makes for an essential visit during your stay at our hotel. The capital of Albanais, it has a rich and varied heritage, with its history dating back to the 2nd century BC. As you wander the streets of its old neighbourhoods, you’ll be able to appreciate the numerous Renaissance houses, countless fountains and the lovely Sainte-Agathe church, a listed historic monument with a clock tower dating back to the 12th century. Also discover the Manufacture des Tabacs, the old corn exchange known as La Grenette and the Pont-Neuf bridge, built in 1791 and reconstructed in 1942. Yet Rumilly has many other surprises in store. This is the town where the world-famous baby toy Sophie the Giraffe is made, along with Nestlé’s Chocapic cereal and Téfal pans.