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Lake Annecy Haute Savoie

3-star hotel near Annecy

Discover the Venice of the Alps!

Annecy canals

During your stay at our 3-star hotel, enjoy a visit to nearby Annecy, the Venice of the Alps. Its many natural assets were seized upon early on, as human habitation in the area dates back to before 3000 BC. Bordered by a lake and with the small Thiou river running through it, the town flourished throughout the Middle Ages and in particular saw rapid growth when the Counts of Geneva moved their court here having been forced out of their original capital. Then Annecy became part of the County of Savoy and hosted the episcopal see. The town has retained its rich history and heritage. As you wander its streets and along its canals, you’ll be able to appreciate the castle, constructed from the 12th century and once residency of the Counts of Geneva. Then there’s the Palais de l’Île, also from the 12th century and which contains a museum telling the town’s history, plus the cathedral and many other historic monuments.

Lake Annecy

Lake Haute Savoie

Having admired Annecy’s historical treasures, discover another of the town’s gems - Lake Annecy. At an altitude of 447 m, the lake is set against a magnificent mountainous backdrop, with the highest peak, La Tournette, standing at 2351 m. To best enjoy this majestic environment, take one of the many waterside paths that will allow you to circle the lake on foot or by bike. Another way of discovering it is to sail its clear waters by boat, or for the more intrepid sort, to fly over it by hot-air balloon, microlight or even a gyrocopter. During the summer period, the lake is transformed into a true sports area with numerous activities on offer, including sailing, paddle boarding, water skiing, canoeing and diving. But for something calmer, you can also enjoy the numerous beaches for relaxing and swimming, with the water having an average temperature of 23°C.